Recommended bloggers and resources of help

Recommended bloggers and resources of help

Friends this link will take you to the blogger spot which I fail to use as often as I should, but wanted to share some of those incredible friends I’ve built bonds with in this mission of awareness, education, and vigilance against all forms of abuse. I do hope you’ll check out those listed and see what they are sharing today and tomorrow. Perhaps you’ll follow what they’re doing and make new friends as I have. Perhaps you’ll also check out our radio programming on Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio by visiting – We are NOT JUST ANOTHER ABUSE RADIO PROGRAM!!!With only 70 broadcasts under our belt we have an incredible 22,939 listens to the shows already!!! I’ll be broadcasting every Monday & Wednesday evening and our new host Debra Mize brings her Life in Transformation broadcst of Metamorphosis to the show. We are also looking for a MALE HOST to join our team. If you are interested, please contact me at Thank you for supporting our programs and we hope you check out and use the website!!! Remember to hit those share buttons as we all are hoping to rally our voices to end the crimes of abuse and violence, especially those within our homes!!!