Imagine Publicity – “Holding My Hand Through Hell”

Susan Murphy Milano
virtual book tour

Susan Murphy-Milano’s Fabulous Virtual Book Tour!!!

Please check out her amazing true story in her new novel “Holding My Hand Through Hell” as published by Imagine Publicity and the wonderful Ms. Delilah Jones. This is a wonderful tribute to my very dear friend, a woman who changed my life forever as she guided me through the beginning of my journey.

You will be absolutely enthralled by Susan’s story, a cop’s daughter during a time when NO CASES OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE WERE REPORTED OR HANDLED, EVEN RECOGNIZED FOR WHAT THEY WERE. This is the grass-roots of what built Susan to be the determined fighter of justice that she became. It is a true honor to share with all of you the wonderful tribute to an incredible woman,

Ms. Susan Murphy Milano

Thank you for all the guidance and protection you have given to millions of men and women, victims of Intimate Partner Violence!!!

Susan you will be greatly missed but always remembered!!

Patricia A. McKnight

Author/Advocate/Speaker/Writer/Radio Host/Survivor

Dreamcatchers Blog Talk Radio – Upcoming Shows

Dreamcatchers Blog Talk RadioDreamcatchers for Abused Children

Blog Talk Radio Programming

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

9pm e.s.t.

Exec.Director & Host

Tricia A. McKnight

           We have had a very busy 6 weeks on the radio program, with so many amazing advocates and survivors coming to share their empowerment and inspiration with us. This will continue through the month of May and into June, so I thought I’d share our scheduled programs for the rest of this month.

Beginning with tonight; we have MMA Fighter/Advocate; Joey Primak.  Together he and I are going to discuss the Males Survivors of Domestic Violence. While we can see by the stats provided that the majority of physical attacks of battery have been primarily men abusers, there are also many men who have been financially, emotionally and physically abused by their wife/partner (male & female). As we await updated information on the passing of the Violence Against Women Act; which now included men in its language to provide the same resources that are available for women. Unfortunately at this point however, there are very few resources for men at this time. Most men remain silent because of the fear of being shamed or not believed when they report a case of Domestic Violence. Joey is a survivor of this crime as well a survivor of child abuse that we have chatted with before. Now he is coming back to share the spirit of his courage in speaking out about the need for better resources to men for the crimes of rape and domestic battery.

On Thurs. May 24th- Our show will be; GETTING OUT & MOVING ON! This will be an Open Discussion Format with your calls and your shares. If you have a special topic of discussion or a story that you would like to share, you can either email me at or you can message me at For this program I strongly encourage you to invite family & friends to listen in live or to the archive as we will be discussing the need to recognize the violence, gauge the level of danger, making a plan of escape, getting out safe and then moving forward.

Monday May 28th – Ms. Kelly Karius will be joining me for a share on her organization, NO SUCH THING AS A BULLY. It was through a mutual friend that I became acquainted with Kelly and have had the pleasure of sharing a blog talk program with her before. Her program is aimed at changing the language, the stigma, and the violence attached to BULLYING. I believe you will enjoy this program and find it very informative on dealing with and explaining a bully to your children. Again this is a topic for all family members!!!

Wednesday, May 30th – Musician/Advocate Michael Skinner will be coming back to do a show focusing on May – Mental Health Awareness Month. Michael and his organization Surviving Spirit does a lot to recognize the mental illness related to the aftermath of abuse. Also how hard it can be to cope with BiPolar Disorder; Schizophrenia; Depression; P.T.S.D. and other related problems.

Thursday, May 31st – Advocate Ms. Shirelle “Diamond” Hogan will be joining me; hopefully we will also have two other survivors. The three ladies were a panel interview for a 3 part series of “What Goes On in the Mind of a Battered Woman”. It was Journalist/Author Jerome L. Whitehead who did this interview series and I would like to take a look at who they were while in the midst of the violence and who they are now. How did they first acknowledge the violence they were in? How did they go about getting out and being safe? How are they impacting the lives of others with their survival stories now?

This is the line up that will take us through the end of May and you can find this and more on our UPCOMING EVENTS CALENDAR which is available on the main website @

Hopefully, all of you will join in for these shows and support our guests and those who call in to share. We want to give everyone that positive empowerment to share the information for educational and awareness purposes, but also to help anyone who may be struggling in the silence of these crimes. It seems the abuses that exist and go on everyday in our homes is still one topic that society does not wish to discuss, but we want to keep it in the forefront of our society to help create a change for something better, something SAFE FOR EVERYONE!!!

Please leave any comments or questions about this line up here or on my Facebook page. As always an event will be created with the Event on Facebook and invitations will be sent to those on my friends list. The team at Dreamcatchers wishes everyone safety and happiness in their lives.

We all deserve those beautiful roses in our garden of life!!!